Astro Nishant

Vedic & Nadi Astrologer
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Experience: 17 Years

Languages: Hindi

Area of Expertise

  • Business Name Consultation
  • GemStone Consultation
  • Match Making
  • Birth Time Rectification
  • Name Correction Consultation
  • Travel Abroad Consultation
  • Child Birth
  • Secret Activities of Partner
  • Child Name Consultation
  • Career
  • Education Consultancy
  • Legal Matters
  • Career Issues

About Astro Nishant

Astro Nishant is a Vedic & KP Astrologer with a specialization in Mundane Astrology, Mobile Astrology, Gemology, Vastu and more. His experience spans 17+ years during which he has made some extraordinary predictions which turned out to be true at the predicted times. He has successfully predicted in the past the oath-taking date of Maharashtra Government, Ram Mandir Case and various other predictions related to India's situation at various times. He was also able to indicate the onset of a possible concerning health situation on a global level in October, 2019. His various other predictions on an individual level for clients has helped them breeze through difficult times.

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