About Us

About Astro River

Long before Astronomy was admitted as a science, our ancestors had learned the art of reading the planets and their mysterious movements. Astro River takes this knowledge by heart and applies it to your life by analyzing how planets affect you. Through ancient yet simple remedies proven to reduce the effect of bad planets and by strengthening the stronger ones, we assist you in changing your life for good. 

There is only one thing in this world that humans can control and that is “Thought”. Nothing can surpass the magical ability given to the man by the nature to control one’s thoughts and manifest them in his life. Planets affect our thoughts to a great extent and by influencing them, they cause us to manifest the good and bad circumstances of our life. 

“In short, we make everything happen in our lives. We are responsible. You are responsible.”

Astro River understands this concept of human will and thought-manifestation in the spiritual realm. We change the way planets influence your thoughts and let you drive your own life, your own unique way.

“In simple words, we hand over the control of your life to YOU.”

Our Team

Dr Armaan Sharrma

Dr Nisha Sharma

Dr R.C. Sharma

Dr Armaan Sharrma

Armaan Sharrma is the Founder of Astro River. He carries a vision to establish Astrology as a scientific discipline. According to him, Astrology is a spiritual science. He is a software engineer.

He is a world-renowned Astrologer, Reiki Grand Master and Occult Scientist from India. He has performed over 11,000+ in-depth personal readings and innumerable general astro readings in his career span of more than 20+ years. He has been a regular adviser to many political figures, bureaucrats and cine artists.

He is well-versed in many branches of astrology such as Vedic, Vocational, Locational, Medical, Natal, Transit-Progressed, Spiritual, Comparative Analysis, Electional, Gem Selection, Fertility Dating and Horary Astrology. 

Dr Nisha Sharma

Dr Nisha is one of the Senior Astrologers in the Astro River’s team. She works as the Managing Director of Astro River, and is the founder of Astro Jewels, a subsidiary of Astro River which deals exclusively in fine Gemstones and astrological jewellery. 

She is an International Astrologer and an experienced Gemologist with 12+ years of experience in various occult fields, especially in Astrology, Vastu & Tarot. In her illustrious astrological career, she has advised numerous celebrities, politicians and people from various walks of life.

Ms. Sharma is also an author. Her works have been recognized and duly rewarded by many reputed occult organisations across the globe. She has also spoken at various platforms and teaches Astrology and Tarot with utmost passion. 

Dr R.C. Sharma

Dr. R.C. Sharma works as a Senior Astrologer for Astro River and has been trained by the legendary Late Pandit Chhajju Ram Rudra who happened to be his maternal grandfather. 

Dr. Sharma has never looked behind from then onwards and has been serving the field of Astrology since last 40 years. His extensive experience has brought him much name and fame. His clients span from all over the world and his no-nonsense approach towards astro-remedies has been useful for many. 

He specializes in various tedious vedic pujan activities and Shani sade-sati pujans which are extremely complex even for the most experienced karam-kandi brahmins. His pujans, exclusively designed for Astro River, are a boon for our clients. 

The Concept

The name ‘Astro River’ is inspired from ‘Akaash Ganga’, an endless stream of planets contained in the galaxy ‘Milky Way’. The planets and their synchronized movement across the sky is a nature’s plan, and they influence our lives in invisible ways. Ancient sages have long striven to understand their language – “the language of stars” and brought to us the blessing of Astrology.

“God has given us a glimpse of life’s mystery through the art of astrology. We are blessed to have received the remedial knowledge using which we can change human lives.” 

– Dr Armaan Sharrma

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso