Chandan mala

Chandan mala


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Chandan Mala is a highly recognized spiritual product that is used to recite mantras or jaaps to please the said god/goddesses. A Safed Chandan Mala has similar qualities that of a Tulsi Mala. The only difference being this mala has fragrance whereas a tulsi mala is odorless. Chandan with its cooling features adds calm and serenity to the person using this mala to recite mantras.

A Safed Chandan Mala can be used to recite mantras for Lord Krishna and Radha. The famous “Vaishno Jaap” can be recited with this mala. The jaap is best to appease Lord Krishna, which is as follows: “Om Namo Bhagvatey Vasudevaya”. Apart from this various other recitals or mantras for Krishna and Radha can be said using a Safed Chandan Mala.

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