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Dispel the negative effects of an ill-placed Saturn in your Horoscope

Blue Sapphire is known as 'Sauriratna' in Sanskrit-meaning sacred to Saturn. An ill-placed Saturn in your Horoscope can cause a great deal of hardships. Wearing a Neelam/Blue Sapphire can help to neutralize its effect. .


Change your financial fortunes for the better

Expert opinion matters!

Due to the beneficial effects of wearing Neelam/Blue Sapphire, you can enjoy wealth, fame, prosperity, a long life and freedom from anxiety. It is also known to improve the financial condition of the wearer and have better career prospects. Gemstones have special properties and can rid you of many maladies. However, you have to be very careful while choosing a gemstone to wear, which depends not just on your specific problem but also on your Birth Chart. Our experts will analyse your Horoscope and suggest the right Gemstone for you from which you can derive the maximum benefit.

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Why should I buy this gemstone from you?

  • We will aid you in buying an authentic gemstone. You don't need to run from pillar to post for getting the authentic gemstone that you need.
  • To make sure that you get the authentic and a high quality gemstone, we even provide you with the authenticity certificate, given by a third-party expert. This ensures you get full worth of your hard earned cash.
  • As stated above, it is paramount that you wear the gemstone that is most suitable for you as per your Personal Horoscope. We will help you to choose the right kind of gemstone.
  • We are a One-Stop-Shop for all your gemstone requirements! You even get the services of getting the gemstone embedded in a suitable metal and the method of wearing the gemstone in a correct manner for getting most beneficial impact. We also attune the gemstone for you.

 How is your guidance helpful?

  • Our guidance shall help you to choose the suitable gemstone as per your personal Horoscope.
  • We will guide you in proper use of the suggested gemstone, which also has been attuned for you. This shall help you in nullifying negative planetary influences.
  • Our guidance helps you to lead a happier, successful and contented life.

I am dealing with a major issue in my personal life currently. How can I know which gemstone or remedy would be most suitable for me?

You can choose to consult our Astrologers via phone and directly communicate your problem to them or get the advise of our experts by email. Whatever the method you choose, the procedure remains the same. You shall be offered a detailed astrological analysis of your situation and suggested a suitable gemstone for you based on the type of service you choose to avail. This info shall help you in wearing a suitable gemstone in a correct manner. This will aid you in warding off the adverse circumstances from your life altogether.

Is it necessary to take an expert's opinion before wearing a gemstone?

Just like the fact that we consult doctors for correct diagnoses and seek medical prescription before taking any medicine, it is very much necessary to consult a proficient astrologer to find which gemstone is most suitable for you and your issue, and which are the ones that won't suit you. Also, like one may be allergic to some medicines, wearing a wrong gemstone too can turn your life upside down.

What if I order a gemstone, and don't like what I get?

We have a refund/ replacement policy in place to ensure that your rights are protected. However, with gemstones, it is not always possible for us to replace them, especially if they have been embedded in a ring/ pendant. If your gemstone has not been embedded, you can ask for a replacement or a refund. If done within a week of receiving the order, we shall refund your amount (after deducting the insurance and courier charges). However, if this exceeds, we will have to take into account additional parameters. For more details, write in to

There are different kinds of Neelam gemstone displayed in your website. Which one should I choose?

You will be guided by our expert astrologers regarding the type of Neelam gemstone most suitable for you. The grade and carat of the particular gemstone recommended to you will be specifically stated in our advise. In addition, the method to wear the gemstone in a correct manner and other details shall also be communicated to you. You don't need to leave room for any guess work. We guarantee that you will always receive accurate astrological advise from us.

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