Astrological Impact on Your Career Path

2016-03-16 11:10:20 |
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“There is no better boat than horoscope to help a man cross the sea of life”

The world in its full capacity is created in complete harmony. Every existing particle has a purpose. The creations that we see around us, like the plants, animals, mountains, rivers etc, have a defined reason to be the way they are. Humans, since time immemorial have tried to understand his surroundings. How does each component of the immediate world as well as the far reaching world impact our life has been a question that many have tried to answer. One such mystery is the influence of heavenly planets on human life. There is no doubting the fact that just as air and water have an important role to play in our life, so does these planets.

Planets may be far in distance but they are heavenly bodies, each with its own specific properties. A thorough study and analysis of these through the lens of Vedic Astrology have shown that the impact of these planets on human life is far reaching, even beyond the realms of our imagination. Besides other things, they are capable of influencing our career choices, career growth and our professional graph as well. Hence, career astrology is gaining importance with every passing day. Career astrology is a detailed study of birth chart and covers a number of aspects. There are many offline and online astrologers that give paid as well as free career astrology.

Each planet due to its individual characteristics influences different aspect of our career. Astrology career reports are prepared keeping in mind these influences. For example, Jupiter, the mighty planet, influences prosperity and growth in career. It influences our prospects of expansion as well. Similarly Venus, the planet of imagination, influences our creativity and originality. Mars, the red planet, impacts our level of dedication and focus. In the same way, other planets have different roles to play in the professional life.

Which career will be best suited? Which stream of education to opt for in higher studies? Which phase will be most favorable for starting a job/ business? When to change job? How popular will you be in your workplace? Will you do well in the career you are in? When will you get your first job/ promotion/ transfer/ job appraisal/ partnership deal etc.? All these and many other such questions can be effectively answered with the help of career astrology.

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