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Since time immemorial, Vedic Astrology has been considered as a valuable and efficient channel for providing Astrology Predictions based on birth chart and horoscope. Predications are indicators about both positive and negative future events. Peep into your life with these Free Online Astrology Reports and be better prepared for events that would happen in your life. These online reports enable you to either make the best use of the opportunities coming your way or you can do proactive planning and be ready with your best defenses to face the foretold adversities. Do not get limited with the time zone or place you are in now, Free Online Astrology is the key that will open many locks for you.

Here are 7 distinctive free Prediction Reports which if combined will effectively give you a glimpse of your life, covering each and every aspect of your life. Get an insight into the planets that are most important in your life as per your birth chart. These free astrology reports will further help you to rediscover yourself, giving you a glimpse of your karmic score. If you want to know your mental and physical capabilities and your professional competency as per the alignment of planets at the time of your birth, feel free to check these reports.