Our mission is simple:

"To help you to understand the invisible forces controlling your life and help you master them by demystifying the secrets of your horoscope".

About Us

AstroRiver.com is committed to bring you high quality Astrological services right at your doorstep.Through the right guidance, you can really master your planets, change tides of your fortune and bring good things to your life.

Long before Astronomy was admitted as a science, our ancestors had learned the art of reading the planets and their mysterious movements. Astro River takes this knowledge by heart and applies it to your life by analyzing how planets affect you.

Through ancient yet simple remedies proven to reduce the effect of bad planets and by strengthening the stronger ones, we assist you in changing your life for good. In simple words, we hand over the control of your life to YOU.

The name 'Astro River' is inspired from 'Akaash Ganga', an endless stream of planets contained in the galaxy 'Milky Way'.

"God has given us a glimpse of life's mystery through the art of astrology. We are blessed to have received the remedial knowledge using which we can change human lives."

Our Team

Nisha Sharma

Tarot & Numerology

Nisha Sharma is an International Tarot Card Reader & Numerologist with over five years of professional experience. She believes her Tarot cards to be divinely blessed and that her knowledge comes from past births. She is also a psychic medium and her intuition has been proven correct time and again. Using Tarot Cards and Numbers, she has helped change the life of many.


She has advised numerous celebrities, politicians and people from all walks of life.


Nisha is also a psychologist and a relationship coach. She provides counselling to career enthusiasts, those facing emotional issues such as depression and for various other issues. Her personal counselling sessions have saved many relationships from falling apart.

A.K. Sharma

A.K. Sharma is a world-renowned Astrologer, Reiki Grand Master and Occult Scientist from India


A.K. Sharma is a world-renowned Astrologer, Reiki Grand Master and Occult Scientist from India. He has performed over 10,000 in depth personal readings and innumerable general astro readings in his career span of more than 12 years. He has been a regular adviser to many political figures, bureaucrats and cine artists. He however caters to men and women from all ages, profession, nations & backgrounds.

He is well versed in many branches of astrology such as Vedic, Vocational, Locational, Medical, Natal, Transit-Progressed, Spiritual, Comparative Analysis, Electional (selecting dates for important life events), Gem Selection, Fertility Dating and Horary Astrology (the art of answering special questions from exact times).

Life Coach

His primary focus is the creation of balance in all areas of life : mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

A.K. Sharma is also a professional Psychologist and Life Coach. His inspirational seminars are life changing and he has helped many rediscover their lost love for life, master the art of positive thinking, develop ultra self-confidence, become more effective and reach their goals through his intense personal sessions.